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Everyone who practices BJJ has been a beginner. We all began our journey with the first step, a fresh blank slate for our instructors to fill with what seems like a bottomless amount of information.

Eventually we get to the point where we love it.

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drill or no drill

The typical BJJ class consists of four basic segments. First there is the warm up. Next is the technique portion in which you are shown a move and practice it with a partner in order to learn the mechanics. And at the end there is usually rolling and/or open mat. However the fourth segment is not present in every academy or class. The fourth segment is the drilling segment. In this segment you practice a move over and over on an unresistant opponent in order to ingrain the move into your mind.

People can drill submissions, transitions, back takes, escapes and anything else BJJ related, but the principle is all the same.

Some instructors love the idea of drilling and use it daily; while others such as the famous Kit Dale have stated that drilling is not as useful as you may think.

In the next few segments I will show you why drilling should be part of your daily training and how it can help you in the long run.

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Grumpy cat 2

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Black Friday deals.  I just hate it when I just bought something and then I see a sale a week or two later for 50% off.

It makes me not want to buy from that brand again unless it’s at a super discount.

It’s with that in mind that I want to give you some extra free stuff this week!

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celebrities who train bjj

You knew that when you started BJJ you were were going to be participating in one of the coolest martial arts on the planet.

So its hardly surprising given this status, that some celebrities wanted to get in on the act.

Below is a count down of some the most well known (either in BJJ or as a celebrity – you can decide which!) or unusual who decided to participate in the gentle art.

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I seem to have some sort of radar that goes off when I meet someone.

If they are a BJJ player or wrestler, the person gives off an unconscious signal to other grapplers.

Okay, that’s made up.

But there are some telltale physical characteristics of a veteran grappler that most of us can spot right away.

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I’m super excited to announce that recently, we’ve partnered with RollMore and MAS to allow more of you to pick up our gis :)

If we don’t have your size/style in stock, they probably do.

One of the big reasons that I wanted to partner with them is because they have the same beliefs about customer service that I do.

Customers should come first, always, and we always choose customer happiness over profits.

RollMore even offers a really cool gi warranty that I love!


You’ll now be able to find our gis at:

RollMore.com – http://www.rollmore.com/BJJ-Gis~3479~categoryroot~Brand~OK+Kimonos~1.html


MartialArtsSupplies.com – http://www.martialartssupplies.com/BJJ-Gis~479~cat469~Brand~OK+Kimonos~1.html


peter wilson 1

I’m super excited to have Peter on the team!

You may have noticed some awesome blog posts from him lately, such as:
Things you should know before you start training BJJ
10 Signs You’re Living the BJJ Lifestyle
Six ways to improve your grip for BJJ
How BJJ is good for your mind
We also did a short Q&A so you can get to know more about him….

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THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW before you start training bjj

Some people may be a little nervous about what it is like to learn BJJ.

If you have never had any experience of learning a martial art, it is difficult to imagine what it will entail.

So if you are considering starting training, here are a few things you should know before you start training BJJ.

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why your kids should be training bjj

Martial arts is something parents commonly place their children in for many reasons.

Some are put in to learn self-defense and in some cases it is just a way for the parents to get a short break.

Regardless the benefits children can gain by training are endless.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu provides many benefits to children that can fallow them for life and create better individuals as a whole.

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spouse bjj

My word, I have been barking up this tree for a while now, with no success. I would love to see my wife on the mat, share in the struggle with her. Going through something so taxing together would build on any relationship, not just a marriage.

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