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5 things your bjj instructor wants you to stop doing(Photo Cred: Liam Wandi of Part Time Grappler.   He doesn’t take himself too seriously. And neither should you. – Brendan)

Every new student has his own habits and twists that make him unique. However there are certain rules  that should be observed when training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. There are five main things your instructors want you to stop doing. If you can manage to avoid these thing both your instructors and training partners will respect you more in the long run.

Being A YouTube Warrior

  First of all, stop trying being a youtube warrior. Youtube is a great source to get different takes on positions and moves, but your priority should always be the moves your instructors teach. You can’t let your thirst for knowledge clous your mind. Bruce Lee had a great line in his day “fear not the main who has trained 1000 kicks, but the man who has trained one kick 1000 times. This is not to say you shouldn’t learn as much as you can, but rather to have priorities.

Forgetting to Clean Your Gi

  Second is please for the love of god stop coming to class if you can’t have a clean gi. Washing your gi is very important for your own health and your training partners. No one likes rolling with the “dirty gi guy”. If you want to train 5+ days  a week you need at-least two or three unless you plan on washing and drying your gi everyday ( not a bad idea), but your gi with be worn out quicker.

Talking While Training

  Third of all stop talking when training. Its more than ok to be friendly and roll at a steady pace, but don’t stop every 5 seconds to show a move or talk about something not related. When you are training you need to focus on training.

Asking About Promotions

  Fourth, is stop asking about belt promotions. This one is a big no no and most people understand why. Your instructor knows when you are ready and will give it  to you when he/she feels you deserve it. Sometimes you may get a new strip after a few months and other times it may take a year. It is all based on your skill and improvements. If your instructor doesn’t see improvement you won’t get promoted simple as that.

Leaving Early

  Last but not least is stop trying to leave without training. We see this from time to time; a guy who comes into the gym does class, but always has an excuse as to why he isn’t rolling. Usually its something like “I have this injury” “I have a date” or “I have to work early”. Everyone has an excuse, but most stay and train why shouldn’t you. Fact is, if you aren’t training you won’t improve. The rolling part of class is one of the most vital because it is where you learn to apply the moves in real situations.


If you can avoid these five major pit falls your instructor will be happy and you will be a better practitioner because of it. -Kris Reid


wrestling and bjj

We see this all the time, especially in no gi competitions.

Wrestlers Vs. BJJ players.

It’s a story as old as time.

Okay maybe not as old as time, but it definitely dates back to the 1930s. So this rivalry / discussion has been around much longer than most of us reading this.

We’ve all seen guys at tournaments with their “Blah Blah College Wrestling” Hoodies and shorts.

And when we are white belts, and beginners, this can seem intimidating.

And although there are some big advantages to having wrestled, there are quite a few disadvantages that can be exploited.

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why bjj is good for your mind

As practitioners we are all well aware of the physical gifts Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gives our bodies.

It is great exercise and when we eat right we see a transformation in our physique. However, the physical aspect is not the only thing influenced by Jiu-Jitsu:

The mind is also transformed by training.

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injuries in bjj 2

I have had to have a few long breaks whilst training BJJ and have really hated the forced time off the mats.

During these times I have come up with a number of ways of coping with this time away from training.

If you have been training for a while being side lined because of an injury could leave a massive void in your life, which can have a big impact on you.

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the real reason your guard does not work

Why do I keep getting my guard passed so easily?

Why can’t I seem to submit my opponent when I clearly should have the edge?

Have you been asking these questions to yourself lately?

If so, you must be having guard problems.

But what’s the real reason your guard doesn’t work?

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I was asked what I would be willing to do for a Black Belt in BJJ.

Of course, the first answer that came to mind was “ANYTHING!!!”  I mean, who wouldn’t? Who doesn’t want to see years and years of “blood, sweat and tears” manifest into something so tangible and rare?

And although I feel that the goal of achieving the rank of Black Belt in BJJ is an awesome idea, I also think that sometimes we miss out on what is really important here….

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It’s common knowledge that playing regular sport and exercise is beneficial to your physical health, however, the lesser know fact is that physical exercise can have a positive effect on mental well-being too. Extensive research has shown that participating in regular sporting activities have reduced levels of anxiety and improved mood. Having said that exercise is good for you, the question is how is BJJ good for your mind?

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I’m writing this a week after having surgery to repair an umbilical (belly button) hernia (ripped or torn muscle that creates a hole). For the first few days I was unable to sit, cough, laugh, sneeze or make any basic movement due to the incisions they made in my abdomen. For three days I was a cloud of pain medication and general misery.

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mom of 3 trains bjj 10 times per week

My whole life is time management.

Kendall is a mom of 3 and trains 4-5 days per week, often twice per day.  When I heard about her story, I couldn’t help but share it.  I do a lot, running 3 websites, a BJJ brand, and about to launch a podcast on top of working full time and being the best dad and husband I can be.  But, her time management skills put me to shame.  Without further, ado, let me introduce you to Kendall. – Brendan

I train 4-5 days a week ,sometimes twice a day now that I have decided to compete in the Pan Ams. I also have three children ages 1, 3 and 7.

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jose aldo bjj black belt

Not too long ago, I wrote about how Xande Ribeiro criticized certain instructors for giving away BJJ black belts to MMA fighters who never (or rarely) train or compete in the gi.

Now UFC Featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, is speaking out as well.

In a recent interview with Tatame, Aldo said the following (translated):

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