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3 BJJ Instructionals That Actually Add Value

3 bjj instructionals (3)

We all spend a lot of time on the mats training and learning. Sometimes, there are moments when we can’t make it down to the academy, or we simply want to add something new to our game. At these times, we may turn to instructional videos. There are a lot of these out there, so I thought I would give you what in my opinion are 3 BJJ instructionals that actually add value.

The first one I would recommend is MG in Action. This is probably one of the most well known online resources. With Marcelo Garcia being one of the best coaches and competitors in the world, the format and structure of the site allows you to select techniques that you want to work on and add them to your own play list. This means you can access them straight away from your account and not have to search them each time you visit. The videos are of actual taught classes, so they are not just Marcelo Garcia, but also Paul Schriener, who is a very technical coach, and champion Bernardo Faria. This instructional can add value in every aspect of your game.

Modern Jiu Jitsu Mendes Bros Online Training Program. Everyone knows who the Mendes brothers are and how inventive they can be. Their site is similar to MG in Action in its structure. They do have specific sections on concepts which may be more beneficial to more advanced players. From what I have seen of these concept aspects, they have some great ideas, that really do make you think. I know that as I have progressed the concept side of things has been something that has really made me think about my jiu jitsu. Plus, you will get some great insight into the coaching of these world class medalists.

One final excellent resource is the man behind Grapplearts Stephen Kesting. The Stephen Kesting You Tube channel is a really excellent resource made even better because it’s free. It is something both, I and my wife, have recommend to beginners. He has good way of explaining really valuable basics. He does have some DVD’s and apps for sale, but you can still get a lot from his You Tube channel. If you’re a beginner and want some good instructional videos for free, before you start to invest some of your hard earned money, you can’t go wrong with Stephen Kesting.

There are many quality instructionals out there, both on DVD and online. I have a number of them from Rafael Lovato Jr, JT Torres, John Will and many others. I have picked these 3 out, because I thought you would get the most bang for your buck with them, as they are not specific to one thing , you can search out what you want to work on. What I think each of these instructionals give you are great concepts and technical instruction to build your jiu jitsu. From beginner to advanced, the concepts and techniques these guys show will definitely add value to your game.

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