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3 Reasons to start Training BJJ with a Friend

3 Reasons to start Training BJJ with a Friend

Often times we when we start training we embark on this journey all alone. We walk into the dojo and start to learn and meet new people. While this is great and it is indeed good to start training in general; I believe there could be a better method to beginning the journey. With time we generally start to favor training with certain people as we learn better this way. I believe starting the journey with someone you already know (a friend) could in the long run be the best method.


 One of the many benefits is the friendly competitiveness. Beginning with a friend and training together will naturally cause you to push each other and compete in a way that can’t normally be emulated any other way.  This can be short term considering the likelihood of two people sticking with Jiu-Jitsu is fairly low in general. However, if both individuals become dedicated this relationship with have life ling benefits as you will always have someone to train with and push the limits.

Better Learning Quality

  Another benefit to beginning the Jiu Jitsu Journey with a friend is the ability to bounce ideas, develop moves/concepts and watch instructional videos together. This is in essence the genuine ability to help each other. Everyone will have struggles with certain moves and chances are two people will be good and bad with different moves and will be able to help each other with weaknesses.


  A third benefit is the ability to motivate one and other to actually be in class regularly and train. Everybody has those days where life and work get you down. You start making excuses as to why you are not going to train today and how life is so challenging, but when you have a close friend who also trains with you it can serve as a motivator both internally and externally. Internally you don’t want to leave your buddy on his own for the day and you don’t want to miss any technique as to fall behind and externally your friend can call and motivate you by clearing up any issues or excuses you may be using.

These are only three of what could be an endless list of the good reasons to start training with a close friend ( or family member for that matter). If you look at some of the greats in the history of Jiu Jitsu most have had close friends or family who trained with them. This comes all the way from Helio and Carlos Gracie and continues to this day with guys like Dean Lister and Jeff Glover and brothers such as the Miyao’s, The Mendes and Estima Brothers . There has been a trend of this since the beginning and it makes sense. Better training, more ideas, motivation and many other benefits can come from this special type of relationship.

About the author: Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt under Anibal Lobo and Pedro Sauer.

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