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5 Competition Essentials

5It’s the day of the competition and your alarm goes off. You shower and get ready to head out. What do you put in your competition bag? Everyone has their own BJJ essentials, but if you’re not bringing these 5 things you are cutting yourself short. There are certain things that some people like to bring that others choose not to, but with these 5 essentials you will be ready to compete at your best .


1st and probably the most common is the music device and head phones. Whatever you have, from your phone to a Ipod or tablet just bring something that will allow you to listen to music. Music is beneficial in a lot of ways. Music allows you to find your zone whether you need to calm down or amp up you can find the right track. Often times we are left with long waits between matches and music can keep you focused in an often chaotic scene.


  Next is very basic, water. Lots of water. While you don’t want to drink too much you definitely need to be hydrated after weigh-ins and between matches. Competition drains you a lot quicker than rounds in the gym and thus you may need to consume more fluids.

Extra Gi

You also should bring an extra gi. Sometimes during gi checks we find out things that aren’t allowed (Patch Placement, too short, etc.) . This is one very good reason to bring an extra gi . Another reason is in case your gi tears during a match. While this is very unlikely, it can and does happen on occasion.

Warm Up Gear

Warm up gear is also vital. This can vary from person to person, but I like jump ropes and foam rollers for your back. Jumping rope is a great warm up to get loose and pump yourself up and stretching your back is definitely great before putting it all on the line. You want to go out there with a slightly elevated blood flow and warmed up muscles in order to prevent injury.


Lastly, and I think this is often overlooked is who you bring in as your “coach”. While it is great to have your real coach in your corner I think there is a way to improve this system. When you look for someone to corner you it should be someone who understands your “game”. It is extremely unbeneficial when your coach or whoever is acting as your coach has no idea of what your game is. They may scream moves you don’t prefer or escapes you’re not proficient with. It is much better to have a purple belt who can guide you to victory using your own strategy than a brown or black belt who never really works directly with you.

These tips can help you go from good to great in no time. I hope this has been of some help – Kris Reid

About the author: Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt under Anibal Lobo and Pedro Sauer.

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