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5 Reasons to Train in the Morning

five reasons to train bjj in the morning

As many of you may already know the majority of us BJJ practitioners do our training at night. However as many academies grow they tend to add morning classes generally at 6am, 10am or noon. I believe these classes are some of the best you can ask for. Training in the morning simply isn’t possible for many of us do to work. But if you have the ability to train in the morning there are many benefits that you can’t get during the night classes.


  First, your training is guaranteed. What do I mean by guaranteed? I mean that if you train first thing in your morning then you have it already crossed of your list of things to do. Many of us have very busy lives with work, kids, relationships and friends. Sometimes something comes up at night and will prevent you from training. However this isn’t as likely to happen at say 6am.

 More Energy

Second in general we have some of our highest energy levels in the morning. I have had the experience of training in the night and morning and I can say from experience that there is definitely a more alert training. If you train in the morning most likely you haven’t done very much in your day yet and thus you haven’t spent as much physical and mental energy.

 Better Training (maybe)

Next I want to talk about a more specific situation. At many larger gyms there are people who maybe have made bjj their career in some way or that work just enough to get by. These people that are dedicated often train in the am. If this is the case, then it would be beneficial to train with them. Remember you are who you associate with. If you want the best training possible train with the most dedicated people.

 Free days/nights

Another great benefit to early morning training is that the rest of your day is free. If you can be done training by 8 and off work by say 6 pm then your nights are completely free to spend with your loved ones and friends. Or if you have made Jiu Jitsu Your career via competing , teaching or owning a company you can use your days for planning lessons or projects or take a day and do something else exciting like going to the beach or the park.


  Lastly I want to talk to the die-hard bjj practitioners who live and breathe everything bjj. Training in the morning is just an extra hour or two on the matts. you can train “two-a-days”. You can split your training up however you like. Maybe to more sparing in the morning and drill more at night or make them equal. This is mostly for the people who are very dedicated and want to learn and grow as much

About the author: Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt under Anibal Lobo and Pedro Sauer.

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