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5 Things to Consider When Building Your Game

Building Your Game

If you’ve been training Jiu Jitsu for a while you may have started developing your “game” either conciously or sub consciously. You maybe struggling with what with techniques to add to your game or just have no idea where to start. Developing this “game” is a special because the “game” is specific to you. You are effectively building up your own arsenal. With this in mind here are 5 things to consider when building your game.

1. Does it work for you?

Just because a technique looks cool, does not mean it will work the same way for you. Flexibility, size (height and weight) and athleticism are all factors that should be considered beforechoosing each part of your “game”. When choosing the components of your game” you need to consider the physicality of what you want to do. As a super heavyweight beginner could you really hit a berimbolo under the pressure of rolling, or is there a simpler move that would achieve the same end?

2. Building a chain link by link.

Building your game is going to be done through trial and error. Some techniques will fit perfect while others won’t. However your game must have a focus behind it. You need to be able to chain each of your techniques together. This will need you to threaten your opponent with multiple attacks that can flow between each other. By having this flowing combination of attacks, your chances of hitting one of the attacks increases substantially, as your opponent will struggle to defend a chain of attacks. It you just focus on one single attack if your opponent recognizes it then you’re stuck or worse.

3. Be comfortable in your game.

The beginning stages of creating a “game” start with the mastery of just a few movement staying focused and not trying to add too much in is the key. As you start to drill your game techniques you’ll start to find comfort in these positions. Building this comfort is the key part of the building and evolution process. Implementing effective techniques is the basis of building your game, if they are effective you will trust and believe in them. Remember this is something that you will fall back on under the pressure of competition or even in your academy. So comfort is important.

4. Don’t forget the defense.

Chaining together attacks is going to be a big part of building your game. But don’t forget putting some escapes and defences in there. Unless you are a prodigy there will be times when it doesn’t go your way. Have some good strong escapes in there, so you are also comfortable in the bad positions. But more importantly, so you can get out of there and straight back into your game. Make these escapes another link in your chain.

5. Perseverance is the key.

Once you have worked the suitable techniques and drilled them so you are comfortable with them, you need to make sure they work in rolling. One thing to remember here is that to begin with it may not work for you, as an opponent is not the same as a drilling partner. This does not mean that you go back to the drawing board. Figure out what wasn’t working, because chances are you will come up against the same issue with other people. Persevering and working on the techniques in your game will really building your confidence in your game. So you can achieve your target no matter what gets thrown in your way.

Building your game will take time and is not something you can decide on and implement in totality straight away. Making it all work and building it up will take time. But once you have developed your game this is not the end. Consider it your foundation, on which you will continue to build and extend. As you change your will add more and more links into the chain of your game.

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