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5 Tips on How to Get The Most Out of a BJJ Seminar


I am fortunate that I have been able to attend quite a number of great seminars. Besides meeting some great jiu jitsu practioners, I have learned some great ideas for improving my game. I think seminars are a great opportunity to be shown different perspectives on techniques, but also giving you an insight into jiu jitsu. I have come up with 5 tips on how to get the most out of a BJJ seminar:

Respect the host gym.
I have attended seminars at my own club and a number of other clubs. It goes without saying always respect the host gym. Introduce yourself to the host coach and any training partners you work with. Be especially respectful of the mat, so make sure you wear shoes to the toilet and don’t step on the mat in your shoes. No one likes that!
Take a notebook and pen
There are two perspectives on using a notebook at a seminar. One thought is that whilst you are taking notes you can be missing out out on some of the instruction. It is a valid point, I however think that taking notes during the seminar can be helpful remembering the instruction afterwards. Trying to remember some techniques without having notes can be tough. Even if you just write a few lines, it will help jog your memory later.
Taking photos
Some seminars might not like you taking photos or videos during the instruction. It might be better for you than taking notes, but some guys don’t like it so check before you do it. Once again its a respect thing. However at the end of the seminar, getting a picture with the guest instructor or the host and your training partner is great fun. Plus it’s a great way to make your friends jealous on Facebook.
Ask questions
During the instruction part of the seminar, ask questions. Just like in a normal class, if you’re not getting it don’t be afraid to ask. I have never come across one seminar instructor who wasn’t more than willing to help me understand. Usually the seminar instructor will have a questions and answers time at the end of the seminar. This is a really good time to get some great insights, so don’t be embarrassed to ask a question.
Don’t forget to thank the seminar instructor and the host
Once again this is another good way of showing respect. Hosting a seminar is a lot of work and takes a lot of organizing and time. So thanking the host shows your appreciation of the work they have put in. With the seminar instructor they will always appreciate gratitude for the time and effort they have just shared with you.

With most seminars you will probably not remember everything, or maybe you may not want to use everything you are shown. But if you can come away with a few key things you will have your money’s worth. You will have been the recipient of some top instruction, got some world class techniques to add to your game and plus had a great day out.

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