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5 Ways Jiu Jitsu Changes The Way You Think About Life


Jiu Jitsu is an amazing martial art , not because it can make us “bad asses” or even because it gives us confidence. I believe Jiu Jitsu is amazing because it really changes everything  for us. Once we begin to train we start to look at everything through the “Jiu Jitsu lens” The Jiu Jitsu lens is basically the mindset of Jiu Jitsu applied to other aspects of our life and this occurs for many BJJ practitioners. Jiu Jitsu changes the way we think about everything.


  Jiu Jitsu  changes the way we think about food and our diet. Often times Jiu Jitsu leads us to eating much healthier. This is for a few reasons , either we are in prep for competition or we are trying to fuel ourselves better for training. You don’t put regular in a race car after all .


  Jiu Jitsu Changes the way we think about work. This is a big one. This can mean many different things, but in essence Jiu Jitsu makes us think about doing more of what we enjoy and less of what we don’t. This can mean working less in order to train more, switching careers in order to train more and even starting a career based on Jiu Jitsu (Athlete or Entrepreneur).


 Jiu Jitsu also can change the way we look at relationships.  Once most people start to train they become a happier person in general. It is a little abstract, but in most cases we become a better version of our self. This tends to lead us into avoiding negative relationships. This can mean we start drifting away from friends and family who lead a negative life and even try to persuade them into changing. This also usually means spending more time with people on the same mission as us.


  Jiu Jitsu changes the way we think about problems.  As everyone knows we face problems everyday on the mat and this often translates to better problem solving skills off the mats.  This is again more case to case, but I know I have become much better at dealing with life’s problems after starting my journey.


 Last , but not least ; Jiu Jitsu changes the way we think about vacations. Once we start training we often start planning our vacations around exciting Jiu Jitsu opportunities. This can mean vacationing near a academy you would like to visit or planning a vacation around a tournament you would like to compete in. If you’re a true Jiu Jitsuka  then you know this is true !

These are some of the main mays Jiu Jitsu has changed the way I perceive life and im sure there are many more depending on the individual. Either way, Jiu Jitsu a life changing Journey for one reason or another.

About the author: Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt under Anibal Lobo and Pedro Sauer.

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