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5 Ways to Stay Injury Free While Training BJJ

No.141 (1)One of the most important things when you start training bjj, is to make sure that you stay as injury free as possible. It is a contact sport so there is always that potential. But, their are precautions you can take to lower your chances of sustaining an injury. Here are 5 ways to stay injury free whilst training bjj:

Make sure you warm up.
It is important to ensure that your body is ready for what you are about to it through when you start a class. If you are a younger learner you may be able to get away with a shorter warm up. But in reality your muscles and joints need easing into the intense movements you are going to but them through. Making sure you warm up helps avoid those easy to avoid injuries. Pulled and torn muscles can take a while to heal and have a big impact on not only your training, but also your day to day life. If you are one of those people that don’t really like traditional warm ups, try doing some light drilling before starting class. It will help wake your muscles up, increase blood flow and improve your technique.

Choose your opponents wisely.
This is a very important choice when you are rolling in the club. The people who you choose to roll with needs to reflect how you are feeling that day. If you have had a bad day at work and your focus is a little off, you are probably better rolling with a higher belt. This may seem counter intuitive, but they are not going to do anything dangerous. Plus their control of you will keep you safe. Way better than the 200lbs white belt that has just starting rolling. There may be days when you could handle that guy, but you need to be aware of how you are feeling for your own safety.

Stay in control.
With this I mean stay in control of yourself. It is too easy to get caught up and break a toe or a finger, I know it has happened to me. If you have something caught in the gi let your partner know. If your toes or fingers are getting bent, tap re adjust to get them out of danger and restart. This is training and you want to be back tomorrow. So be sensible and look after your fingers and toes.

Keep focused
If you are drilling stay focussed on what you are doing. If your mind wanders or you are looking across the mat watching someone else, then you might get caught be surprise. It’s the surprise that causes the injury. This also applies to throwing something else into the drill too. If your coach has showed you a drill or ABC, don’t throw D in without letting your partner know. Once again it’s the surprise that can cause the injury.

Off the mat
Every Brazilian jiu jitsu athlete needs to devote some time to corrective exercise and strength training:

  • Keeping your muscles strong helps protect your joints. Having strong muscles keeps your joints moving correctly any good S&S Coach will confirm that.
  • If your muscles are stiff they are not going to work properly and will injure easily. Get a massage or use a foam roller or anything to get rid of those knots.
  • If something doesn’t feel right for a while, giving it a little longer isn’t going to help. See a professional with any persistent niggles. Yes it will cost money, but far less now than when the injury actually happens.

These are just a few tips to help you avoid injuries. Your goal is to train for years and enjoy your training, but to do this you have to be smart. Taking a few necessary steps to avoid future injuries by assessing your lifestyle and training will help you to stay on the mats for a long time to come.

What tips do you use to help prevent injuries?

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