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5 Ways to Stay Motivated To Keep Training

MotivatedMost of us aren’t fortunate enough to be able to train full time. We have day jobs and families that we have to put energy and effort into. This can make it hard to maintain consistency with your training. This, then has a knock on effect with improvements in your jiu jitsu, making it harder for you to push yourself to train. I have struggled with motivation myself, so I have come up with 5 ways to stay motivated to keep training. Hopefully one or two of these will keep you getting on those mats regularly and seeing improvements.

1. Set yourself a short term goal or rule – This is one that I use myself. I set myself the rule that for 28 days I would train 4 times a week. I thought this was a reasonable amount. Having a short term achievable target like this, can be a great motivator for you. For me, it also meant I would schedule my days of rest around when I knew I was going to have a hard day at work. Once I achieved the 28 days I felt good about hitting my goal, plus I had found a way that I knew worked to ensure consistency in my training.

2. Stay positive throughout the day – It is really easy to start telling yourself that due to whatever you are going through you are not going to make training. Whether it was an urgent job that needed doing, or someone annoying you at work. Stay focussed and positive that you will get on the mats. If you get the job done in time, you get to go training and your boss is impressed with how way you handle urgent work. It’s a win win situation. If someone annoys you, don’t let them also take away your fun time.

3. Go to training straight from work – This may not be an option for some people, who may have to do this. But going to the gym via home can be really hard work. It is so easy to be tempted by the home comforts and family that will quickly sap your motivation. Going straight to the gym will keep you focused and ready.

4. Change perspective – Sometimes you can tell yourself that you have to go training. This can almost take away the fun aspect of your training. Your training always needs to be fun, even the hardest of sessions. You want to go training to meet friends and have fun. So, if you think you must or have to go training, rethink this and tell yourself you want to go. The gym is where you want to be.

5. Get a training buddy – This is a standard one. Having someone that you are going to meet at or take to training is a good motivator to get there. I have a friend that I give a lift to and I really don’t like letting him down, so it makes me turn up if I have to take him too. Meeting someone to do some pre class drilling can also be a good motivator and give you a chance to improve more too.

Consistency is a big aspect in bjj, because it is necessary to ensure improvements and promotions. The key to this is getting your motivation right and the consistency will follow for sure. I hope these ideas will inspire you make it down to your academy more.

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