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6 Ways BJJ Will Changes the How You Think About EVERYTHING

how bjj will change how you think about everything

Once you have been training a while you will start to find that bjj will start to creep into your every day life. More and more you will find yourself not only thinking about training, looking at things differently. The skills you develop as part of your training will affect the way you think about everything in your day to day life. See if any of the following have started to affect you:

You will start to break down problems – As you work through jiu jitsu techniques and making them work for you, you will hit problems. You can speak to others about it, but ultimately you will end up figuring out what works for you.  This skill is applicable in all aspects of life. Having a good way to discover solutions to situations and not just giving up on it is a great benefit to you life.

You will have a more positive view on situations – When you are on the mats you will have good days and bad. As your skills improve the good outweigh the bad. But after a bad day you will still turn up to training. You brush off the previous negative events and focus on improving. Being able to not let the bad events drag you down, will give you a more positive view on life and everything you try.

You enjoy learning and experiencing new things – You will never be able to say that you know everything about BJJ. This makes you flex your learning muscles. As your knowledge and understanding builds, you will enjoy learning and actually want to learn more. This will then start to apply to your diet and other support training. Your skill in taking information on board and being able to apply it, helps with your brain health and your life.

You will think about what you eat and drink – Training takes energy. If you are going to train to your full potential, you are going to need good fuel. Trying to work on junk food will produce junk results. Acknowledging this and improving your diet is a standard consequence of training. Having more energy helps not just on the mat, but with life in general.  Eating better doesn’t mean that you will give up everything that might be considered naughty. What it does mean is that you will weigh the impact of the naughtiness, against your ability to make training.

You will develop more confidence in yourself – Training and competing makes you rely on yourself. Yes you have a team at the club and you coach. But it is your responsibility to make it to the academy and learn. It’s your responsibility to make weight for the competition. Ultimately when you face your opponent in a match, it’s just you and them. You have to apply all that learning and you have to impose your game to win the match. This builds your confidence and trust in yourself. Having confidence in your own abilities does shine through in everything you do.

When you see anything connected to BJJ it will make you happy. – A consequence of training jiu jitsu is that you love seeing it in different aspects of your day to day life. Seeing other people in a jiu jitsu techniques t-shirts makes you smile. A movie with a few jits moves in it is instantly cool. You as so pleased with being part of such an awesome sport/art/community that when you see it around you it makes you happy.

These are just a few of the ways that BJJ can change your ways of thinking. I am sure there are other ways too, but even these few can help your thinking and make you a more positive and energetic person to be around.

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