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7 Things About BJJ Your Spouse Wants To Know

7 Things About BJJ Your Spouse Wants To

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a partner that trains jiu jitsu with them. Most people will have a partner that will have no participation in jiu jitsu and potentially little interest in starting. This does not however mean that they will have some questions about your love for jiu jitsu. This may all be a little strange to them, so I thought I would have a look at 7 things about BJJ your spouse wants to know.

1. Why do you want to spend so much time does at the gym getting sweaty and rolling around on the floor? Jiu jitsu is extremely challenging and there are a lot of techniques to learn and drill. Plus the rolling around on the floor stuff is great fun, even though it makes me achey and sore, I love going back for more.

2. Why do you want to spend so much money on pyjamas? It’s not just about the technical and physical training with jiu jitsu its about the bjj lifestyle as well. Part of that is looking good whilst

3. Why do you want to suddenly buy leggings? I guess this is worse for guys than girls. It is pretty difficult to understand that spats are not leggings, they are a manly and colourful armour to protect you against cuts and skin infections.

4. Why do you keep turning down my cooking on the run up to a competition? Despite your food being better than something from a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, I do fight in a weight category. On the run up to a competition I have to watch what I eat to make sure I am within my category. This is nothing to do with your cooking and I sincerely apologise for how grumpy I am during this time also.

5. Why are you on the computer at night so much? Well trying to figure out the counter to the sweep or submission you got caught with in class takes time. This time on You Tube is important research. As is commenting on all the Facebook posts about slick techniques and new jiu jitsu gear. This also ties in with points 2 and 3.

6. Why did that guy win by wrapping his legs around your head? This may be difficult for those that don’t appreciate the intricacies of what you are doing. I would recommend making them sit through the entire feed of the world masters as you comment and explain the techniques to them. A word of warning, this may be the make or break point of your relationship.

7. What do you mean girls train at your gym to? Yes women to train jiu jitsu. This does not mean that the women at my academy look like they are going out partying. In fact the women will have no make up, ritz hair and are frequently just as sweaty as I am. It also comes to a point where you stop actually seeing them as females. To the point where you actually do a double take when you eventually see them in a dress.

Hopefully these will give your spouse a good insight into the art/sport you enjoy so much.

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