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Ok! Kimonos

About Us

Our kids gis are awesome.

Our customer service is unmatched.

We’re a one-man show hustling around the clock to make OK Kimonos the best kids BJJ gis in the world (and gis for the big kid living in all of us adults!).

Let’s talk about what that means for you:

Customer Happiness

I think customer “satisfaction” is awful. I don’t want you to be “satisfied” with your experience with us.

Satisfaction is like getting a “D-” on your report card. We don’t just want to get by with our community.

Happiness is my success. 

Happiness is my goal. Often I’ll e-mail people who have purchased one of our gis to see if they were happy with their purchase. Sometimes I get an e-mail back:

I Care

Like I said above, I want you to have the best experience possible. And I think that the best way for you to have an awesome experience isn’t to sell you the most gis, or trick you into buying something you don’t want with a slick sales pitch.

The best way to build a business is by caring about your community.

And not just making your community feel like you care about them, but actually CARING about them and showing that through your actions. One of my mentors taught me this early on in my life and I am very thankful to have learned it. If you have a minute, please come say hi on Facebook or Twitter (yes, those are my personal pages, not just a faceless brand page).

Quality Control

Being a small company means that I can personnally inspect every single gi before it goes out. I will never allow my product to leave on its way to you with errors on it. If for some insane reason you purchase a gi that is in any way defective, I will replace it for free (this includes me paying for you to ship the gi back to me).

Faster response time

I don’t sleep… well, actually, I do… just not a lot. Especially not when I have customers that still need my help. Unless I am stranded on a deserted island or seriously ill, I will respond to an e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter message within a few hours. If the former is true, be on the lookout for messages in bottles regarding your order!

Core Values

Drawing Lines in the BJJ Apparel Industry – Not too long ago, I drew some lines in the sand as far as where we stand in the BJJ apparel industry.  I tackled subjects that I’m passionate about like fake ‘limited edition’ releases, ripoff pricing, and in-authenticity.   This article starts a dialogue about the heart and soul of Ok Kimonos.

On Wholesale – Drawing Lines in the BJJ Apparel Industry Part 2 – Coming Soon

Making a Difference – Drawing Lines in the BJJ Apparel Industry Part 3 – Coming Soon

If you ever want to chat, check us out on , Twitter, or on Facebook!