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Hey! Knock it off. . . (Etiquette in BJJ)

etiquette in brazilian jiu jitsu

There are all sorts of things we can do to make our training partners crazy. We all have quirks, pet peeves, etc. that get on our nerves. We all do things that get on our training partner’s nerves and under their skin.

On the mat and in the, there are things that I feel are completely unacceptable breaches of etiquette.

Here are a few:

  1. Stop talking. During technique, sparring, whenever. Unless it is to correct my technique or let me know I am doing something wrong, stop. If we’re friends, don’t talk smack during our round. If you are a higher rank, you should have the decency to be quiet and do your talking with your jiu jitsu. If you are a lower rank, you should realize that if you talk, I will make my jiu jitsu a little louder than your voice. Being on the mat is an escape for so many, some of us do it as a meditation and your voice is a hindrance to that. I’ll talk to you before and after practice, but mat time is sacred.
  2. Wash your gi. Please wash your gi every time you use it. The last thing I want when I go to class and am looking forward to some time on the mat is to have it spent smelling yesterday’s hard work on you. It’s gross. It is a way to spread skin diseases and a way to alienate yourself from teammates. I cannot think of a single person that wants to roll with Gi Stink McGee. Wash your gi.
  3. Slow down. When an instructor shows techniques, and it is time to drill it, that is our time to learn. Slow down and go step by step by step to make sure you have all the details. So many times do people fly through the technique and miss details that could be game changers. Slowing it all down and learning the way we are taught is such a key aspect, but is sometimes ignored because some people are so excited to get to sparring.
  4. Let me learn. A second aspect of this is let your partner drill the technique. Why would somebody resist during the drilling? Why would we not allow our partner to work the technique without resistance so they can understand it before applying it in sparring. We are not there to be tough guys. The goal and purpose of class is to learn and apply. So let me learn.
  5. Finally, STOP GOING IN THE BATHROOM BAREFOOT. Put some damn sandals on. The last thing I need is for you to drag that nastiness on the mat and my teammates and I have to roll around in that. It’s bad for everybody involved. Stop doing it. It’s gross. I mean it.


These are a few things that can make every teammates and partners experience a little better. Of course there are people that don’t care about these, and there are other things they are super passionate about. I believe these five are pretty universal across the BJJ community. Feel free to sound off in the comments with opinions or add ons!

About the author: Carlson Gracie Team. Corrections Officer. Love Chicago Bears and pork products. Ultra Heavy.

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