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BJJ Injuries: 6 Reasons They’re NOT Healing

Your BJJ injuries will heal and how long it takes is up to you

BJJ injuries: we’ve all had them.

We are all busy people, with day to day life and our BJJ training. Having this balance is great , but when an unexpected injury comes along it can have a big impact. Depending on the type of injury you may not be able to train as often and as hard as you would love to.

Plus if the injury is taking a long time to heal, it can make you more and more frustrated. Affecting your home life and your motivation to return to BJJ. Before you start hitting your head against the wall, here are some reasons your injury is not getting any better.

1. You are not actively helping the healing

If you have been laid up by injury, this is not an excuse to catch up with you favorite TV shows. An injury is not an excuse to let go of your health. Some light exercises should be a vital part of any injury recovery process. Yo also need to remember that you are not Wolverine so do not overdo things. Staying healthy and doing supportive exercise will improve the recovery process.

2. You do not listen to the experts

Even if you are one of the most stubborn people out there, you have to listen to the medical professionals when you are injured. Sports therapists, physiotherapists, and doctors did not spend years training for the fun of it. Their knowledge, skills and experience means their opinions carry weight. Way more than your friend at the club or anything you find on Google. Listen to the professionals, especially if you are an Old Munki and you will heal healthily.

3. Your nutrition is not feeding your healing

You are what you eat and most people know this. If you eat junk food then you must expect to remain injured. If your body hasn’t got the tools to repair the injury, then the healing is going to take a long time. Get all the right nutrients in your diet when you are injured and you will heal. This means getting enough protein, enough fats and enough vitamins/minerals that will all give your body something to work with.

We’ve posted before about some good nutritional habits for BJJ competitors and this advice goes just as well for those that are healing. Check it out.

4. You are still drinking booze

Even if you are not injured, alcoholic drinks are bad for you. Yes it’s true, thats why a hangover hurts so much. If you are injured and trying to recover, do not drink. It will split your body’s attention away from the injury towards repairing the damage the alcohol causes. You may feel down and a little drink might cheer you up. This might be true, but it won’t help you heal. Let your body do its thing and have that drink when you are all recovered.

5. Stay positive about your BJJ injuries

This may sound strange but your mindset will have an impact on your recovery. Getting down releases all sorts of chemicals in your body that can have effects on your healing. So do stuff that keeps you positive. Maybe go down to the club to see your friends, hug your partner, or play with your kids a little more. Just getting outside in the fresh air can also help your mood. You will know better than me what makes you happy (beside training!).

6. You do not get enough sleep

One of the most effective natural recovery therapies is sleep. While you are fast asleep, the body repairs itself. Using all that nutritious food you gave it to fix your injury. Making sure you get a minimum of 8-9 hours sleep per night will help your body recover. Simply getting enough sleep has been one of our most popular BJJ pro-tips. As standard you should be getting this amount of sleep normally, to help your body recover from the effects of your jiu jitsu training and day to day life. But when you are injured it becomes even more important.

Your injury will eventually heal. How well it heals and how long it takes are up to you. There are things that you have to do to make sure the recovery process is not slowed down. Ignoring them means the process slows down and the quality of the repair may be poor. Look after your body and support it when it’s injured and you will be back on the mats before you know it.

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