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Gi Drive Update – March 29, 2014

This is how I feel after mailing out the kids gis that were collected to Drive In Jiu Jitsu in Rio.

Except it’s more of those moments right before the Hoth Ion Cannon fired and they weren’t sure the transport was going to make it.

Because these boxes still have a long way to go!  As I mentioned in my huge Gi Drive Update that I posted recently, one of my biggest hesitations was mailing these versus flying them there.

gi drive gis being shipped out 1

Packages to Brazil can be delayed for months, never arrive, or have insane taxes levied on them.  All of which could still happen with these gis.

gi drive gis being shipped out 2

I am by no means a photographer, but just wanted everybody to be able to see the boxes being packaged up and being sent out.

gi drive gis being shipped out 3

gi drive gis being shipped out 6

gi drive gis being shipped out 5

Also, in an effort for full transparency, I wanted to post below a brief breakdown of how the money was spent from the Gi Drive:

$312.18 – Money paid to Subculture USA to send gis to California. I later found that they had the gis to sent Brazil through Brazil 021, but this was never mentioned to me at any point. Either way, I’m glad the gis went to somebody.

$198.35 – Money paid to Subculture USa to make and distribute perks such as tees and patches

$198.24 – Money paid to Da Firma Kimono Company to make Gi Drive gis (one of the perks offered in the fundraiser) as Subculture was unable to make them at the time

$1582.59 – Money paid to UPS to send two boxes of gis to Drive In in Brazil.

gi drive gis being shipped out 4

That totals to $2291.36.  Subtract it from the $2558.16 that we had left after IndieGoGo took their cut of the funding and you have $266.80 remaining.  If we’re charged any import fees on the gis, this money will go to cover that and if not, it will go directly to Drive In to help him put new mats in his gym (or supply whatever other need he has).

Please track the journey of these gis along with me!  Use tracking numbers 1ZE385066793387187 and 1ZE385066760055490 at UPS Tracking.  If all goes well, Drive In should have them by next week!

Finally, I sincerely hope that others will learn from mistakes I made during this project.

I hope that it inspires more people to use their BJJ to help others.

If anybody has any questions about the Gi Drive, please post them in the comments below, email me at okkimonos[at]gmail.com, or hit me up on Facebook.

About the author: Lover of Jesus, Bowties, and BJJ. Founder of Ok! Kimonos.

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