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How to Finance Your Jiu Jitsu


how to finance your jiu jitsu

Let’s face it, jiu jitsu is addictive and with that comes costs. Jiu jitsu is expensive when you start to think about it. Academy fees, seminar fees, new gis and training gear, workout supplements, and if you like to compete, tournament and travel fees.  These things can start to add up, but here are a few ideas to help you budget and get your jiu jitsu fix.

1. Plan your tournaments. You know when tournament season comes around, the major federations and associations will start posting their schedules. Start looking at the ones you really want to go to, whether they are nearby or far away. You know Worlds comes around every year at the end of May, so start saving for the following year. This will help you already have your funds together, so you are not scrambling a month before.

2. Sell a gi. You know that gi that never did fit right, or one that you just like to look at. There is always a new student coming in that needs a gi. Or someone looking for that specific gi to add to their collection. Either way, this can usually cover registration costs of a tournament.

3. Offer private lessons. If you are a higher rank, offer your time to beginners. Private lessons can be beneficial to both parties as you get to teach and break down technique and share your knowledge with someone else. I have seen people offer their time as little as 15 minutes to troubleshoot a technique, or as long as an hour to really break down that student’s game.

4. Budget your other expenses. For example, do you pay for cable but are you rarely home? Opt out of the cable bill, and switch to Netflix if you have internet service, if you really want to watch your favorite show. Do you go out to eat often? Cut the fast food or restaurants and cook at home. Food prep for the week can end up saving you time and money.

5. Help around the academy. If you talk to your instructor, you might can help offset some fees by helping out at the academy. For example, you might could help assist a kids’ class or help by cleaning up after classes or on the weekend. Most instructors are willing to work with their students, but they can not help you if you do not say anything.

These are just a few ideas to help you finance your BJJ problems.

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