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How Women’s Only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes Can Be Beneficial


womens only bjj classes

When I started out in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu over four years ago, I was the only female training in my academy.

Fast forward to now, I instruct a women’s only class where there are plenty of ladies on the mats.

Overall, there has been some serious growth and amazing strides in women’s jiu jitsu all over the world, but we are still the minority.

So, here are a few reasons how women’s only classes can be beneficial, as well as women’s only seminars and open mats. It’s a gateway, promotes growth, and provides girl time.

Having a women’s only class, seminar, or open mat is a great way to introduce women into the world of martial arts, especially if they have had no prior experience in sports or martial arts. Starting something as awkward and hands-on as jiu jitsu, can be intimidating. It can be even more intimidating when you see guys bigger than you armbarring and choking each other out. However, seeing a class full of women training can be more inviting and put a beginner more at ease. This gateway also promotes growth.

By providing a women’s only jiu jitsu class, not only does it help grow your academy by targeting another market-sphere, it also helps others grow as students. Once women start training, they will more than likely check out the other classes your academy has to offer whether it’s the coed jiu jitsu class, nogi, kickboxing, etc. Some will funnel into the coed BJJ classes to get more training. This also helps the academy’s male students. They may not be used to training with a smaller person, so this will help them with technique. A woman coming into the coed class may not be familiar with rolling with someone bigger and heavier, this will also help with her technique. It will help all become better training partners by training with different types of people.

Another reason why women’s only jiu jitsu classes and open mats are beneficial, it promotes a healthy environment to cultivate friendships. I have been told many times, it’s surprising to see so many ladies in one room being nice to each other. It is unfortunate that women in groups are stigmatized to be catty and ruthless, but when egos are constantly smashed, and we are coming together for a similar goal, to better ourselves, it throws that misconception out of the window. Jiu jitsu brings a great refreshing atmosphere of camaraderie and girl time on the mats.

There has been so much growth in women’s jiu jitsu, but we’re still the minority. The academy, other students, and of course, women, can all benefit from women’s only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. They provide a gateway for women who may not have had any previous martial arts experience. This gateway promotes growth in your academy, classes, as well as in training partners’ progression. Finally, women’s jiu jitsu provides an inviting atmosphere for women to create genuine friendships and have girl time. Overall, women’s only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes can be beneficial in all aspects.

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  • Robin Cuellar

    I couldn’t agree more! I am happy to train alongside such amazing women and be apart of such an outstanding academy. The more opportunities for women in martial arts the better! Martial arts has changed my life! It’s not scary it empowering!

  • Great piece, Jessica. You make excellent points and you’ve had a heavy hand in helping the growth of Jiu Jitsu in our region of the US, so I know your words come with a depth of experience. I hope to be able to do in New Orleans what you have done in Starkville, MS.

  • Heather

    Good points. My school is discussing opening an all women’s class. Like you, I started as the only woman years ago (and in a different school). Of they find they have enough interest to actually open the women’s class, they’ve asked me to teach it. Do you have any tips or ideas of what to teach or how to make it different than teaching a coed class (which I’ve done)? Should it be different?

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