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If everyone Jumped off a Bridge, Would you do it too?

jumping off bridges in brazilian jiu jitsu (1)

JNCO Jeans, chain wallets and flannel shirts. When I was in middle school these were the signs of someone who was with it. These were the sign of someone who was awesome and knew what was cool. If your wallet chain didn’t hit your knee, and the bottom of your jeans didn’t completely cover your foot, you just didn’t get it.

Now, if we’re not inverting and going for the belt to Berimbolo someone, we just don’t get it.

In BJJ, like life, trends come and go. Right now it is inverted donkey worms or whatever the heck we have going on. Next year there will be something different.

And the year after that.

And the year after that.

And the year after that.

As annoying as some of these might be for someone who is more old school than the rest of us, we all need to know the basics of these newer techniques. How are we supposed to defend against something we have no understanding of? We can’t.

That is why it is necessary to pay attention to everything we see on the mat. I thought Donkey Guard was some of the most entertaining BJJ I had ever seen when I first saw it. I then watched some instructional videos on it just to get a better understanding.

If you know me and are reading this, you will realize how ridiculous it is for me to even consider playing inverted guard, let alone mess around with donkey guard. My purpose isn’t to learn the technique to use it, but so I can understand and defend against it in case some insanely athletic ultra – heavy decides to get all weird on me.

If watching Metamoris and the super advanced, high speed techniques are what get a person interested in the sport, great. It should be realized though, that the people we watch on Metamoris are insanely high level BJJ players and have such a deep rooted understanding of the fundamentals that they can pretty much do whatever they want, because their body awareness is instinctual and allows them to get back into a fundamental position fairly easily.

At the root of this, too, is the development of BJJ as a sport. The further we go away from the self – defense origins of the art, the more and more point scoring scenarios we will see. Donkey Guard and Berimbolos have no place in a street fight; both are designed to score points in a match.

That’s fine. I like watching that stuff. I feel like it is entertaining. Even more so, I like watching someone try to pull off one of these techniques and get caught by something in transition.

I believe these trendier ideas have their place in the sport. They are at the higher levels. They should be reserved for the ADCC pros, the guys that win $30k when they win.

They will however, be seen and mimicked. We had better recognize them and be prepared.

About the author: Carlson Gracie Team. Corrections Officer. Love Chicago Bears and pork products. Ultra Heavy.

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