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INSTANTLY Improve Every BJJ Class With These 3 Tips!


Unfortunately many people have many other priorities outside of the Jiu Jitsu Academy. I know , I know what a shame. These people may truly love Jiu Jitsu, but have poor time management or are simply overwhelmed by life and thus may only train 2-3x a week. For many of us training many days a week is so normal we look at these people as if they simply don’t love Jiu Jitsu the way we do, but in many cases they do. I want to talk about three crucial tips to increase what you get out of every class. Three ways to gain more.


   When you only are able to train a few days a week it can become hard to remember what you went over last week (especially when you are new). If you have experienced this or even if you just want to increase your ability to remember everything…take notes! Not just simple one sentence notes though. Take detailed notes. You can even use pictures, diagrams or mind webs if it becomes useful !!.


 Repetition, repetition , repetition! This cannot be stressed enough. It is ok to be friendly with your training partners and be social, but during class just focus on pumping out as many reps as possible its that simple. The more reps the more fluid you become. You can even go over moves at home if you are lucky enough to own a set of mats or don’t mind a little rug burn here and there (haha).

Ask Questions 

Last but definitely not least, ask questions!! This is such a simple concept, but at the same time is so underutilized. Think about it! So many people go through class thinking they understand the technique, when then later they are corrected by the professor. Think about how much more details you can get when you interact with your instructor one on one focusing on the details maybe you missed or don’t understand.

If you can manage these three simple things you will get so much more out of every class you take !

About the author: Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt under Anibal Lobo and Pedro Sauer.

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