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Keenan Cornelius leaves Team Lloyd Irvin for….

Xande-Ribeiro-vs-Keenan-Cornelius-na-Copa-Podio-em-janeiroOur Facebook and Twitter pages have been abuzz (is that even a word?) in recent weeks due to seemingly daily updates about events going on surrounding Lloyd Irvin and his team.

The most recent development has been Keenan Cornelius’ departure from Team Lloyd Irvin.

Lloyd Irvin just confirmed it in this facebook update.

keenan cornelius leaves team lloyd irvin

rafaemendesguimendeskeenancorneliusLater, Keenan Cornelius made a public statement that he would be training with team ATOS alongside the Miyao Brothers, the Mendes Brothers, and Andre Galvao in the near future.  Andre Galvao had the following to say:

I later called him and we talked a bit ~ Rafael Mendes


He got in touch with me. I don’t know him personally very well but he seems to be an upright kid besides being obviously a very ggod athlete and competitor. If he complies with the rules of our team like everybody else, he will be very welcome to train with us. ~ Andre Galvao

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  • BJ Searle

    I would like to see him go to Checkmat or Marcelo’s

    • I haven’t heard Checkmat suggested. Thanks for the post, BJ!

  • fredinho fightsports miami

    Why wouldnt he go to cobrinha or mendez bro if miyao are still there?

    • miyao are rivals and cobrinha likely wouldn’t take him if Jordon Shultz went with him (which is a possibility)

  • Anthony

    Atos got him for sure

  • Josh


  • Josh

    Or Cyborgs.

  • bruzkee

    inside word is Atos SD. Couldn’t say for sure, but pretty good sources…

  • HarlesdenArmBar

    He should go to the Mendes Bros, I believe they would compliment his game and they are very family orientated which would be a good transition coming from TLI

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