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Why You Should Train BJJ with No Expectations

ok kimonos no expectations

When you first start Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you may have many thoughts running through your head of what BJJ is and isn’t, what it can or can’t do for you, you already have ideas of this or that maybe, but as a beginner, I think it’s best to come in with a clean slate and no expectations.

Throw away any preconceived limiting beliefs you may have about your athletic ability, age, gender, etc.  You will be surprised at what you can do after some drilling and understanding basic body mechanics. You can’t limit yourself when it comes to jiu jitsu.

If you’ve had previous training in a martial art, good for you! You know and possess the characteristics of what it will take to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Perserverance and patience being the most important. So, when it comes to learning BJJ, leave it to the instructor. Ask questions, but don’t try to teach the class, that’s not what you are there for.

If you have an aggressive nature, that’s fine. Martial arts, in general, is a great outlet and will help with discipline.  It’ll help you learn to go with the flow and not stress so much. It’ll teach you how to work under pressure, too. Going “hulk” mode while rolling is not okay, but if you do, a trained practitioner will wrap you up like a straight jacket and quickly humble you.

Overall, I think it’s best to come in with absolutely no expectations.  Believe you can do it, because coming in with a negative attitude won’t be beneficial, and you may surprise yourself! Previous martial arts experience is great, but leave the ego at the door. And if you’re mad, get glad, jiu jitsu will definitely help with anger management.

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