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OK! Kimonos Black Friday Deals, plus Super Fresh Gi Pre-Orders



Wow it’s already Thanksgiving time! And with that, Black Friday and all the deals that come along with it!

We have a great sale going on right now. Why is it great? Here’s three reasons:

Free shipping

All orders over $100, which covers nearly every gi on the site right now, ship for free. I’ll pay the shipping for these orders with coupon code “FREESHIPPINGUSA” at checkout. This deal is for US addresses.

10% off the entire site

Everything from shirts to gis is on sale right now. You can pick up that cool “I’d Rather Be Rolling” shirt you’ve had your eye on, or add it to your child lightweight gi order to get free shipping.

Fresh gis

We’ve got fresh gis coming in! They should be arriving in a week and you can get your pre-order in now. These are custom designed gis with plenty of features that’ll knock your socks off.

First, they’re all high quality gold weave gis. There’s no skimping here — this is the gold standard material for kimonos.

Second, these gis were designed by the original founder of GiReviews.net. The design features of these kimonos incorporate some of the best ideas seen across the entire industry. With the price of gis often being higher than $100, it’s hard for other places to design gis like these. How would you make a kimono if you had seen them all?

Finally, we’ve got some child sizes coming in with the same awesome features that our adult gis have, and at really respectable prices. Kids grow fast and there’s no reason to go into debt trying to help them have the best. I’ve tried to make this problem approachable with OK! Kimonos, and I hope it comes across.

ok gi shot

You won’t find another gi with this level of quality at a similar price. We’re a lean, one-man gi store machine with low overhead costs and a lot of ideas. So if you want to get your hands on one, pre-order a lightweight gi or a super durable training gi today.

There’s a limited total number of kimonos available — not as a scare tactic, but because you all know how much space a couple gis takes up. They’re being made available as first-come, first-serve, so pre-orders get the top priority for shipping.

I expect to be able to deliver these next week (Nov 28th), so stay tuned!

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