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4 Physical Attributes That Matter In Jiu Jitsu

4 physical attributes that matter in jiu jitsu

Have you ever wondered if you could do BJJ purely on technique? What’s the most important physical attributes that you need for rolling? In this article we cover 4 physical attributes that matter in Jiu Jitsu.

In the world of martial arts and Jiu Jitsu in particular we deal with people of all body shapes and sizes. We learn how to deal with these attributes and how to utilize our own to our advantage.

There are four main attributes that can make a difference in how someone will train and which player will do better than another.


So tall that their head doesn't fit on the image

So tall that their head doesn’t fit on the image

Height can mean everything in Jiu Jitsu. Being a giant can give you a drastic advantage in your guard.

Many of the truly tough guards to pass come from people with long legs. Long legs make the closed guard a pain in the butt to open and make open guard even harder to pass. Someone who is tall can control the distance very well if they know how to utilize their body.

Strength and Build

Strength and Build can also be a great advantage. Although many people say size and strength don’t matter; this is only true when one person does not know Jiu Jitsu. When both people are skilled, strength and muscle endurance can really be a game changer. Simply put, if you have more strength behind already technical abilities than you are much more likely to have good control and submissions.


Cardio is by far my favorite for many reasons. It’s is the easiest thing to improve and it is also, in my opinion, the most vital. Having a powerful heart and vascular system can mean the difference between gassing out and giving up an easy submission or pushing further and gassing your opponent out. When two people are equally matched in strength and technical ability; cardio will be the deciding factor.

Remember Stretch Armstrong? Maybe don't be that flexible.

Remember Stretch Armstrong? Maybe don’t be that flexible.


Lastly is flexibility. We’re not just talking about staying at the gym longer when you didn’t plan to. Keeping your limbs loose makes for one insane guard and ups your transitions. Being a flexible guy can let do amazing things in Jiu Jitsu.

Think of the ability to catch unorthodox submissions. Consider how you maintain guard, and how much of that involves flexing. This is the tip of the ice berg. Your stretchiness also makes you much harder to submit which can be a drastic advantage on the mat.

These 4 physical attributes that matter in Jiu Jitsu can make a world of difference on the mat, but remember, technique will always be king.

About the author: Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt under Anibal Lobo and Pedro Sauer.

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