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The Essential Guide to Social Media and Jiu Jitsu

Ok! kimonos social media nad jiu jitsu

One of the most incredible things about jiu jitsu is the community.

And in this day and age, it’s easy to stay connected through social media.

Follow your Team

I, personally, love seeing my teammates in other locations post their progress, pictures of their training, or tournaments.  To me, it gives me a good feeling of motivation and inspiration. Even though we may be miles apart, we are still working towards that common goal together: of learning and getting better at jiu jitsu.  I also feel like I have their support that helps keep me going.  And it doesn’t even have to be just my teammates, it can be my friends from other affiliations who train, too.  I get to keep up with their progress and training, too.

Support Causes

Social media makes it easy for jiu jitsu practitioners to come together to support causes.  We are able to use hashtags to find others who may #supportwomensjiujitsu just like us.  We can spread the word on petitions to add weight classes or increase prize money in the IBJJF. We can make events and invite our friends to seminars and open mats.

Facebook Groups

And probably one of my favorite things about social media and jiu jitsu are the groups on Facebook! I love that the women’s jiu jitsu community has a safe atmosphere in the groups out there where we can rant and rave and talk about our experiences that we share together, just because we are women in jiu jitsu. It can be tough being the only woman on the mats, but it can be easy when you find that other ladies are on the mats.  It’s how I found the Women’s Grappling Camp, now known as Groundswell Grappling Concepts, but it really helped me through my white belt years when I was one of the only ladies on the mat in my academy at the time.  I was able to meet a group of women, and I have been able to stay in touch with them for years.

The Facebook groups can also be useful to buy, sell, and trade gis. We also use a Facebook group for our academy to keep updated. Pages are great, but with Facebook groups you can receive notifications anytime someone posts something.

Social media and jiu jitsu just go hand in hand because it’s an online community and there’s the jiu jitsu community.  I have met some great friends just from following them on social media.  I’m encouraged daily that we are on this journey together even though it is my own. It helps me stay motivated, too.  I can support causes and share them.  I can stay in touch with my teammates and friends, I can share my experiences with those who might have experienced the same. Some may hate social media and like all things, it can get out of hand, but it’s a great way for the jiu jitsu community to stay connected.

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