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The 7 MORE Traits of a Successful BJJ Player


Recently, we wrote about the traits of a successful jiu jitsu player.  Here’s 7 more of them sure to upgrade your game!

BJJ is not an easy sport/martial art to learn. It requires both mental and physical strength. That’s not to say you need big muscles to train, but your body and mind will be challenged and you need to be prepared for that. As a consequence of this it might be useful to consider the 7 traits of a successful bjj player.

1. Positive attitude – Personally I thing this is the most important of the traits. In BJJ there will be good and bad times, whether it is in competition or training on the mat. The good times are easy, but when things go bad with a loss or a difficult technique staying positive and digging deep is what is going to make you successful at BJJ. Having the ability to take something positive and useful from even the worse BJJ situation will keep you coming back and improving.

2. Enquiring Mind – Being questioning and enquiring is important. Figuring out why a technique isn’t working for you or even what you need to escape or prevent a technique, should be an enjoyable challenge. Way better than any Sudoku puzzle.

3. Self Awareness – Having a good control over your ego is important. If you get tapped by a lower belt, or beaten in competition you need to be able to check your ego. Acknowledge that on that day at that time they beat you, allows you to move on. This does link back to some of the other traits, stay positive and figure out what it was that you missed. If you can’t see these as learning experiences, which jiu jitsu is all about, then you will drive yourself nuts.

4. Fun loving – Having the ability to enjoy yourself when training is a great self motivator. Consistency is the key to improvement. If you are motivated to train consitantly because you enjoy being there, then there is nothing that can stop you improving.

5. Respectful – When you train you need to be respectful of your partners. No matter what their grade or their ability you benefit from training with everyone of them. The time spent drilling and rolling with partners improves your jiu jitsu. Without partners it would be very difficult to improve. So they deserve your respect, for the hand they play in your improvement.

6. Determind – When you start training it requires determination to keep on coming back. When things get bad at work, with an injury or any “real life” issues that can prevent you getting on the mat. You have to stay determined and focussed. Keep bjj in your mind, whether that is through books, DVDs or You Tube. It will keep you going until you can get back to consistent training.

7. Humble – Success only lasts for a short period. Whether that is winning a gold medal, getting promoted or tapping someone challenging at your academy, the elation is short lived. Acknowledging that being king of the mountain, means that you will be going down the mountain shortly after is important. Some of the best bjj fighters in the world are the most humble. Looking to improve themselves and help others do the same constantly.

A lot of these traits interlink and work together to give you a successful attitude towards bjj. This is what will keep you coming back to the mat, help you win medals and move way beyond your blackbelt.

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