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Ok! Kimonos

The ESSENTIAL Jiu Jitsu Starter Kit

jiu jitsu STARTER KIT

Jiu Jitsu Starter Kit…

  1. Jiu Jitsu Gi-I recommend OK! Kimonos. But if you need some help, check out gireviews.net. They review many different gis from different companies and can help you decide which gi is the best fit for you. You’ll definitely need this starting out, just like you need gear to play soccer or football, or any other sport. & Don’t forget the belt!


  1. Jiu Jitsu University by Saulo Ribeiro-I recommend this to all my students and teammates. Not only does it give you an articulate break down of techniques, it will address some of the emotions you will go through while on your new journey. I suggest reading the white belt chapter a few times, even if you have been doing BJJ for quite some time. It is an amazing book!


  1. An accountability training partner/mentor-This may be your instructor, your training partner, or a friend you met off Facebook through the BJJ group you randomly joined. The reason you need an accountability partner or mentor is to help you realize you’re not going through this alone. Although this is your individual journey, there are many people who are traveling it, too. There will be discouraging times and talking through it with someone who has been there, or going through it too, can help you stay focused on the long term goal.


  1. Notebook-It took me a while before I finally listened to the advice of my coach to get a notebook. Having a notebook helps you remember the names of techniques and reinforce the steps when you write them down. You don’t have to write the words down verbatim from your instructor, but I encourage you to use your own jargon to remember the steps of the technique. You can also write down progress you may see as you’re rolling or goals to help you stay focused.


  1. Tape/Ice/Ibuprofen/Foam Roller-Starting out as a white belt, you may still be figuring out your body in motion and finding out what it feels like to be a human pretzel. You may need athletic tape to fix fingers, toes, or a sprained ankle. You will need ice when said ankle injury occurs. You will also need ibuprofen. A foam roller can help loosen up tight muscles and help your body recover quicker from an intense work out. Injury management and recovery are just as important as your training regimen.


These are just a few things that I have seen that are helpful as a beginner to make the starting process just a little bit easier. What would you suggest to a beginner?

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