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These Weird Little Things Make BJJ People So Happy

Little things that make

People that train brazilian jiu jitsu are usually pretty happy folk. They have found a passion in life, something that brings friendship, knowledge and physical fitness. Who wouldn’t be happy if they had all this? But then it gets even better, because as a jiu jitsu practitioner there are some unique little events that can just make your day even better. I have come up with a list of the top ten things that only those that train jiu jitsu will really appreciate. These are in no particular order, but when they happen you know it feels good.

1. When your tweet or instagram picture gets liked or retweeted by your favourite grappling star.

2. Booking that holiday to go train at an epic gym (Marcelo Garcia NYC, ATOS San Diego these are a couple of mine)

3. Watching a movie or TV show and recognizing the BJJ moves in the fight scene.

4. Getting a new gi, opening it up, trying it on and finding it’s a perfect fit straight out of the bag.

5. Finding out that your favourite gi brand has a sale on and you can totally now justify that new gi.

6. Being a few days out from a competition and hitting weight perfectly and still feeling good.

7. Finding out that an actor from your favourite TV show or movie trains BJJ (Yes, Agent Coulson is double cool)

8. Having a class where the techniques all work and your rolling just flows. (I’m working on this one)

9. Win or lose, the massive cheat meal you treat yourself with after a competition.

10. Rolling with that killer higher belt and only getting tapped once.

These are the top ten ones I could think of but I am very sure that the list is actually much longer than that for many of us. Let me know if there are any other little BJJ based highlights that have brightened up your day.

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