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Things you should know before you start training BJJ

THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW before you start training bjj

Some people may be a little nervous about what it is like to learn BJJ.

If you have never had any experience of learning a martial art, it is difficult to imagine what it will entail.

So if you are considering starting training, here are a few things you should know before you start training BJJ.

It will be hard work

When you start training BJJ it will be hard work no one would deny that.  The drilling is hard work and involves a lot of body movement.

This is why so many people lose so much weight when they start training BJJ.  Moving around for a hour with very little rest takes a lot of effort initially.

After a while though you will forget the effort, as you get caught up in getting the techniques right.

You need to put ego away

When you start sparring you will need to put you ego to one side. You must be prepared to let this go and take ever tap as a learning experience. People half you weight and twice your age are likely to be able to tap you, but that is all part of the experience. This will make you feel like you are learning nothing, but you are always learning even with each tap out. You are learning to be tighter, the limitations of your techniques and how to defend better.

This learning mindset that you will develop at the outset of your BJJ journey will stay with you even till you reach blackbelt. You will always have something that you want to know better or learn how to make your own. Even as you age you will have to learn to adapt to this

You will make close friendships

You will make some of the best friendships of your life and meet some of the nicest people ever. The dedication and loss of ego that is needed to stick with BJJ makes them good people. This makes it is easy to make friendships all around the world.

Don’t worry about the colour of your belt or the number of stripes you have. Being the best jiu jitsu practitioner you can be is the best target you can have. Don’t worry about being a blue, purple or brown belt these are just measuring points, decided by your professor. It is the training and the experience that makes you good at BJJ, not the colour of your belt.

Let yourself be a beginner again

Be prepared that just because you have done another martial art or other sports, this will not make you good at BJJ straight away. Maybe a wrestling, judo or a traditional jiu jitsu background will be of some help. But due to the nature of BJJ and the sparring involved, it is pretty unique activity. White belt means being a beginner, so enjoy being in a position where people expect you to make mistakes. Allow yourself to learn BJJ and don’t let prior knowledge prevent you from doing this.

If you start and stick with training BJJ it will have such a positive impact on your life, it would be very hard to imagine you would regret it. Getting over that first hurdle of going to the academy and stepping on the mat, will be the first step in a journey you will wish you started sooner.

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