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Three Must Watch World Pro 2015 Matches

world pro 2015 must watch matches

If you are like most serious Jiu Jitsu competitors or fans in general let’s face it you had a lot of long night this last week. You were most likely up watching the live stream of the World Pro . The world Pro as many know is a competition you have to earn your way into via the Trials all over the world. This Tournament is the closest thing to a “Jiu Jitsu Olympics” that we have. As a result there is generally a lot of very interesting matches as only the elite make it in.  I want to talk about three of what I consider some over the most interesting matches and upsets in the black-belt division.

Keenan Cornelius VS  Victor Estima 

  Fist I want to talk about Keenan Vs Estima . What made this match so interesting is the fact that Keenan did not pull guard. So we got to see a lot of what Keenan tries from a passing perspective long term rather than his usual worm/DLR style. What ended up happening was a lot of good guard work on Victor Estima’s part. If you saw the match you have to agree about 60% of the match was Keenan simply defending submissions and sweep attempts. While there were a few times Keenan almost passed and even once he nearly got the back (which would have won the match), he was unsuccessful in passing Estimas guard and thus ended up losing a ref decision. While usually ref decisions are very controversial this one was actually pretty strait forward .Keenan was a lot less active and failed to attack or pass.

Victor Estima VS Marcus Almeida 

 Next I want to talk about Another Match involving Victor Estima. “Marcus Almeida Vs Estima”. While it is not so surprising that Almeida won the match, it is shocking in what fashion he did it. The match was pretty short roughly a minute and a half . After essentially running Estima over Almeida Ended up in Estimas Guard . Estima then when for the same handstand/kneebar sweep he used on Keenan, but Almeida reversed it with a rolling back take (impressive) and ended up choking him unconscious after the ref failed to see the tap.

Mackenzie Dern VS Gabi Garcia 

Lastly I want to talk about my favorite match by far in the 2015 world pro; Mackenzie Dern Vs Gabi Garcia. This match is probably the most controversial out of the three, but the public seems to be happy with the outcome. After many battles this time Dern was able to secure the victory and take double gold in the world pro. Much of the match involved Dern attacking and defending from half guard/ Inverted Guard. However there were two points that were critical in deciding the outcome of the match. First I want to talk about the 3min 40s mark of the match. Gabi literally picks Mackenzie up off the ground in an attempt to take the back and end up chasing her across the mat until finally the hit the ground. What seems unclear is whether Dern pulled guard or Gabi took her down. The ref did not award any points, but it looks like Gabi was controlling the pants when it hit the ground. These two points (had they been awarded) would have won Gabi the match. Another Key moment is toward the beginning where Gabi receives a penalty for an illegal grip. The problem is that the camera never shows the grip and the ref is the only one who truly knows what happened. Had Gabi not been penalized there would have been a refs decision. At the end of the match Gabi even raises her hand thinking she had received two points and won the match, however the final score is 0-0 with Gabi having one penalty and Dern winning the match. I have always been a Dern fan and she continues to be my favorite female competitor to watch , but this was a very very close match, but it is good that she was finally able to get the victory over what seemed to be an impossible challenge.

These are definitely not the only good matches, but where just three I found particularly interesting. I suggest if you haven’t watched the matches you find more on youtube and study/learn. The world Pro 2015 was full of excitement and great matches for your enjoyment.

About the author: Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt under Anibal Lobo and Pedro Sauer.

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