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Tournament Traditions: What’s yours?

Tournament Traditions (1)

If you’re an avid competitor, you might have a few tournament traditions or rituals you go through before actually competing. These traditions are important; they help you relax can help you focus on the task at hand.  Here are some examples of what I do and go through to help me focus.


Every morning of the tournament, I try to eat the same thing: fruit and oatmeal. I try not to stray from this, because I don’t want to eat something heavy that will make me feel slow. For me, I try to keep it simple & I may drink a cup of coffee, too, to wake me up. Stress is a huge point to avoid, so I never cut weight for a tournament, because I never want to feel that stress if I am on point or not. I want to make sure I am going in hydrated and well rested.


I try to make sure I am dressed out and ready an hour before my division is called. This gives me plenty of time to tape up, get warmed up, and make friends with the ring coordinator so he/she does not forget my face. (And give me a break, if I ever have to sprint to the restroom.) I have had times where I am cutting it close and never had a good warm up and felt unprepared mentally going in.

Warm ups

I have a specific routine of warm ups I do before stepping out onto the mats. It involves hip movements and getting my legs warm. Usually, I feel as if they are the first to go! So, moving around helps me feel well and loose.

These are just some of the things I try to do before competing. It helps me feel comfortable. Some people like to listen to music, but I am always fearful I will miss my name being called. Everyone has their own routines, and of course, the more you compete, the more you will feel comfortable competing!

What are some of your tournament traditions or rituals?

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