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Training Diary of an Older Beginner

Hi, I’m Art Good. A few weeks ago I floated the idea to do some blog posts that would serve as a training diary for the year, and give insight into the life of an older, beginning BJJ player.

Over the course of 2017 I hope to do at least one post each month detailing my progress in BJJ, any difficulties or challenges I am facing, and also, hopefully, my results as I compete for the first time.

My plan with this is to be honest and transparent about my experiences with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.   I hope you will enjoy these posts as I journey through 2017!

January 2017

My training has gotten off to a very, very slow start this year.  My job and family life kept me extremely busy during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, and I was sick for about a week or so going into 2017.   The time off has led me to evaluate just what I am wanting out of this BJJ journey, and what level of commitment I am going to make towards it:

What do I want out of BJJ?

Initially I started doing BJJ for the self defense aspect of it, but in the short time I have been training have gotten very interested in the sport aspect as well.  There’s a competition this spring and I’d really like to compete — at least while I feel young enough to do so!

The physical fitness and health aspect of Jiu Jitsu is great too. Who doesn’t want to be in better shape, lose some weight, and feel better overall?  From what I have experienced, and heard from others, this is completely possible with BJJ.

Finally, I enjoy the social aspect of it.  I like being around people who are all engaged in the same thing.  There is a family aspect to the BJJ gym that I totally get into.

What level of commitment am I willing to make?

This is something I have spent the last week or so considering.  I have a very full-time job, and a family.  I have a son who is in high school who I want to devote a lot of time to as I see him grow up way too fast before my eyes.  I enjoy spending time with my wife.  Needless to say, there is only so much free time in a week to do all that I want to do.

The truth is, if I don’t go to BJJ a couple nights a week (at least) I will probably just sit around at home and watch TV or be on Facebook or something similar during that time.  I will do nothing productive.  So, I might as well go train!

One decision I am having to make in that regards is where do I go train?   My current gym is 35-40 minutes away.  Great gym, great instructor, great facility, and great people.  Terrible drive through rush hour traffic to get there.

I found another gym that seems to have an equally great instructor with better class times for my schedule that is only 20 minutes away.  I am leaning to switching gyms.   This is hard for me to do because I hate change, but if I’m going to commit to BJJ like I want, it may be necessary.

What’s next?

I have to go train and spend time on the mats. The next competition is in April and I need to get signed up.  Like most who train this gentle art – I have to discipline myself to give it my best!

How is your year shaping up?  What challenges are you facing, or decisions are you wrestling with?

Leave a comment to let me know!

Monthly Mat Stats:

Trips to the gym:  2 times (like I said, the struggle is real).
Newest favorite move:  Escape from seat belt grip when back is taken.
Food & Fitness:  Hoping to eat better now that the Holidays are behind me.   Running more, so my cardio is doing better.  Kept the weight in place over the Holidays.
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