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3 Ways To Break The Jiu-Jitsu Plateau

3 ways to break the jiu-jitsu plateau

We all go through this jiu-jitsu plateau phase of: “What now?”

Do you feel stuck? Is your game slowing down? Feel like you’re not sure what to do next?

You will survive and go past it. It may seem a bit overwhelming if this is a new phenomenon to you. But don’t worry! I have a few suggestions that will help you break that plateau! Here are 3 great things you can do to break a plateau in Jiu-Jitsu:

Sign up for a competition

2014 naga

First, this will serve as a great motivator to get you training more often and harder. Sometimes we end up in a rut because we are simply unmotivated to push any harder than we have in the past, and competition is one way to break this habit. You’ll have something new and exciting to think about and plan around.

Setting up goals for yourself is one great trick to push beyond your current abilities. Check out our guide on preparing for your first BJJ competition if you’ve never competed before.

Take a Jiu-Jitsu Vacation

bjj vacation

Secondly, go on a real vacation and train while you’re there. This serves two purposes: it’s a break from normal life, and it helps you enjoy a new experience with new training partners. Sometimes stress has an effect on our training and a vacation may be just what you need! The new settings and new partners will inspire you and give you a glimpse into how other people integrate grappling into their every day lives.

Can’t do a vacation right now? Change it up with a BJJ staycation! Just kidding. That’s training.

Buy A New Gi

That new gi scent

Finally: We all know that feeling when we get a new gi. It truly feels like we were just given super powers. Sometimes this is just what we need to break the funk. New gear makes us want to wear it and in order to wear it we need to train!

Sometimes you have to treat yourself. Maybe this is your time to try a different type of kimono, or maybe dabble in some no-gi — especially if you’ve asked “Should I train in nogi and gi?“. Whatever it is, a fun present is an easy way of getting yourself through a tough time.

What kinds of things do you do to break through a plateau?

About the author: Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt under Anibal Lobo and Pedro Sauer.

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