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What is Your BJJ Lineage? (And Why Should You Care?)

what is your bjj lineage ok kimonos

Jiu Jitsu is much different than it was back in Helio and Carlos Gracie’s days.

Back when Jiu Jitsu was young, our founding fathers needed to be loyal. They needed to prove its effectiveness over other martial arts. Nowadays we train in relaxed gyms and everybody is very social, even from gym to gym.

This brings me to my point: it’s important to know and respect your BJJ lineage.

Here’s a few reasons to know your BJJ lineage:


In the early days of Jiu Jitsu, the Gracies and their disciples had to train hard and fight in order to prove Jiu Jitsu was effective. I’m not even talking about the UFC — I am talking about their matches with the Judoka and other martial arts fighters. Our founding fathers worked hard so that we could train and share our own passion for the art.

Know the History

It all started with the Judoka. It’s important to realize this. It’s like pretending that America was always its own country and forgetting about what happened before it declared independence. We all came from the Judoka:


We’re all one BJJ family, but that doesn’t mean you can throw out the family tree! You still know your brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles. The same should be true for Jiu Jitsu. My master’s master (Master Pedro Sauer) was quoted on lineage and I believe he said it best:

Your masters, your instructors, your coaches, your professors all remember their instructors.

Regardless of the patch on your back..you are descended from a generation that once saw no distinction in teams. We were all once a family. Training with each other, surfing, and all dedicated to spreading the gospel of jiu jitsu. We as fighters and sportsmen…who will always ask the question “Do you train?”…remember your roots! I always will remember mine.

Remember your roots! Being a family is a privilege, not a right. Do the work and remember what came before you.

Wrap up on the BJJ lineage

Phew, I hope you enjoyed this post on the BJJ lineage. Even then, there’s so much here to dive into — we didn’t even touch Creonte! What’s your lineage? Let us know in the comments!

About the author: Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt under Anibal Lobo and Pedro Sauer.

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  • Adam

    Very nice article.

    I had the pleasure of training with Pedro Sauer here in Newcastle, Australia 6 weeks ago. He made mention of remembering those who pioneered the art and made our roads that much easier 🙂

  • Mai

    You left out Relson Gracie

  • John

    Thank you for the post. Do you know if there is a chart that includes George Gracie, Osvaldo Gracie and Gastão Gracie?

  • Corey

    I have my whole lineage framed and hung on my wall. From Helio Gracie, Rickson Gracie, Pedro Sauer and finally my professor Jon Friedland. It’s amazing the amount of knowledge you can gain from asking about your lineage. Jon frequently references the way Master Sauer does things vs how he or other practioners do, and it’s awesome. Know your roots!

    • Thanks for commenting Corey! I love that you have your lineage framed on your wall! What an amazing way to honor your teachers!

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